Read what our client, MJR Theatres, has to say about our work in the Sunday Free Press on June 30, 2013 and on WJR Radio on Nov 24, 2014. Read more...

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Who We Are

Position Brand > Create Sales Leads > Close Sales

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Ottaway Communications Inc. was founded in 1982 and has been constantly changing. Since the opening of its Detroit office in 1999 it has served more than 100 clients in a variety of projects. Most notably Ottaway pioneered Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services for its mass media clients in Detroit in 2006. It was the only agency invited by Yahoo Search Marketing to its Dearborn presentation in August of that year. Ottaway has been a leader and at the forefront of digital marketing since that time. This is important as it is a smart way to add to the value of mass media advertising we are discussing here.

We work mainly with clients who want to

  • Position their brand
  • Create immediate leads
  • Close sales

When you look at TV, listen to the Radio and read the newspaper, please take note of the LOCAL advertisers. There aren't many left. Why is this? Well, of course, the answers are many, but from what we see when we are retained by a new client is that they are ADVERTISING IN TOO MANY PLACES. Many don't STAND FOR ANYTHING. Some are sitting on a gold mine and DON”T EVEN REALIZE IT.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Let us help you by learning from other companies' mistakes.

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